Top NewsA Rhode Island hiker killed a rabid coyote with...

A Rhode Island hiker killed a rabid coyote with his bare hands after it bit him on the leg


A Rhode Island hiker killed a rabid coyote with his bare hands Friday after it attacked and bit him on the leg, and authorities believe the same coyote was involved in another attack on a man.

The man was hiking in Johnston Forest, about 10 miles west of Providence, when the attack happened.

The Johnston Police Department said he dropped the animal's neck and cut off its air supply. Authorities have not identified the man.

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, DEM, transported the carcass to an examination facility, where RIDOH, the Rhode Island State Health Laboratories, confirmed the diagnosis of rabies.

The same coyote is believed to have attacked a dog walker in nearby Scituate on Thursday, Rhode Island DEM reported.

“I urge anyone in Scituate and Johnston to contact the RIDOH Infectious Disease Division if they come in contact with a coyote,” said Rhode Island State Veterinarian Dr. Scott Marshall said in a press release.

“Pet owners in both of these communities should call or visit your veterinarian if they believe their pet has come into contact with a coyote,” Marshall said.

It is unusual for a coyote to attack a human under normal circumstances. According to officials, this is only the third rabid coyote in Rhode Island since 1994.

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