Digby champ Phil Carty wins again at Atlantic arm wrestling championships

Published on April 11, 2017

Phil Carty with his newest trophies for his first and second place finishes at the Atlantic Canadian Championships for arm wrestling Apr. 8.

DIGBY, NS – After doing it again, he’s done it again: Phil Carty took home two more trophies at the Atlantic Canadian Championships for arm wrestling.

The competition was held in Amherst on Apr. 8 at the Wandlyn Inn. Carty competed in both Right and Left 198 lbs categories.

“I pulled well and won first place with right hand, but was unable to capture the left hand title,” said Carty, who finished second in the left hand event.

This success comes after his Battle of the Atlantic win in February. Carty said competition was fierce and well-attended this year.

“There were lots of entries, and classes were stacked in both hands. The Prince Edward Island boys really brought it this year,” said Carty, who always keeps an eye out for new competitors in the sport.

“They’re really coming up in the sport, and it’s nice to see.”


Left arm struggles

The competition goes by triple elimination, or three losses with each arm. When the third loss occurs, the competitor is out.

Carty arm wrestles Jason Lavigne of New Brunswick for the right arm title.

Carty arm wrestled around a dozen times with each arm, and wore his left arm out in the process.

Carty said Kendall MacDonald, who defeated him in the left hand category, trained hard for the competition and inspired him to think about doing the same.

“My left arm gets tired quicker because of the injury, so some training might be just what I need,” he said.

The event was also Carty’s first meeting with Jason Lavigne, whom he’d heard lots about. Levine bested Carty in the first right hand match, but Carty came back to win the title.

He credits this to a new technique he’s applied to his right hand that he’s begun using with his left after the injury: holding it tighter to his body.

“I did this naturally after injuring my left, and it’s worked well for me. I stay tighter to my body through my hand with my shoulder. What started off as something I did out of fear has turned into an awesome technique for me,” he said.


What's next

Last year was the first time Carty won provincial titles. This year’s event will be held at the Carriage House in Port Hawkesbury on May 6, the same day as Carty’s birthday.

“Hopefully I can have a big birthday win,” he said.

Nationals will be held June 30 through Jul. 2 at the Marriott in Halifax. Carty says he’ll be kicking his game up a notch for the tournament, and is looking for one thing in particular – his left hand national title, which he lost to Fraser Benoit at last year’s event.

“If Benoit comes to Halifax, I’d love to get that title back,” he said.