Deer hunting season opens Friday

Published on October 25, 2012
Deer zone map

Deer hunters across the province resume their annual tradition tomorrow, Oct. 26, with the opening of deer hunting season.

This year’s general deer hunting season in Nova Scotia ends Dec. 1. Deer hunting has been open to bow hunters since Sept. 29, and closes Dec. 8.

"Deer hunting is a popular activity that many Nova Scotians look forward to every year," said Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker. "It's a great way to explore and enjoy nature while managing wildlife in the province."

Hunters with a valid licence and deer stamp may harvest one deer of either gender in zones 107, 105, and 102. A limited number of antlerless deer may be taken in the remaining mainland zones.

Licence holders should review zone locations carefully and are encouraged to use the department's online deer zone map for more information on boundary lines at

Beginning this year, all deer licence holders, whether they harvest a deer or not, must submit a report, which includes hunting effort and an estimate of deer population in their area. These reports will provide valuable information for deer management in the province.

When registering a deer online, hunters are automatically directed to the report page.

Those registering deer at registration stations can use the online report or the card provided in the Hunting and Fur Harvesting Summary of Regulations booklet.

Hunters are reminded to wear orange-coloured clothing in the woods. Hunting is not permitted on Sundays.

Hunters are again able to make a meaningful difference to Nova Scotia families by participating in the seventh annual Hunters Helping the Hungry program. Through the program, coordinated by Feed Nova Scotia, hunters may bring deer to a participating meat cutter to donate all, or a portion of, the meat to Feed Nova Scotia.