Digby council notes

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
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Doctors, townhall meetings, Digby light, salt tender, no camping, smoke free places and a new trail to the rink

Council notes


Digby Mayor Ben Cleveland says he has invited representatives of South West Health to come to Digby to talk about doctor recruitment.

He has invited Hubert d’Entremont, the site manager for Digby General Hospital, Shirley Watson-Poole, SWNDHA’s recruiter, and others.

He hopes to make the meeting a joint council meeting involving the council of the Municipality of the District of Digby.

He told his council that he is hoping to arrange that for early December.

This meeting like almost all council meetings would be open to the public.

The mayor says he is also working on “townhall meetings” for this winter. He’d like to see residents of the town come and discuss issues with town council.


Town council discussed plans to fix up the Digby Pier Light recently returned from Saint John.

The mayor joked he might call councillor Brian Manzer some weekend and invite him to start working on the 86-year-old structure.

Councillor Danny Harvieux suggested it would make a great hands-on project for the councillors.

Cleveland says he has been talking with Gordon Wilson, deputy CAO of the Municipality of the District of Digby about grants for the renovation work. Wilson has some expertise because of his involvement with the Friends of Point Prim Association. The mayor says Wilson has agreed to guide him through the grant application process.


G.K. Morse and Sons won the contract to haul salt for the town this winter with a bid of $23.45 a ton.

Bruce Murley, superintendent of public works, said in his report to council that G.K Morse and Sons “have done a great job” keeping the town supplied with salt in the past.

Twin Mountain Construction put in a bid of $32.74 per ton.


The town has ordered signs for its public parks that say “No overnight parking” and “Park closed at dusk.”

The issue first came to council when people camped in Fishermen’s Memorial during Wharf Rat Rally this year.

The councillors reported that the campers kept the park clean and may have discouraged some of the noisy night-time activities that happen there.

Still they didn’t believe it was a respectful use of the memorial park.

The “no camping signs are going up at Fishermen's Memorial Park and along the Admiral’s Walk. They are posting “closed at dusk” signs at Fishermen's Memorial and McBride parks.


The town has received its smoke free places signage and will be putting those up at town owned playgrounds, sports fields, parks and green spaces.

Those include Digby Centre (marina bandstand), area around the Digby visitor information centre, Fishermen’s Memorial Park, the Don Brown ball field, the high school and elementary school soccer fields, DARC facilities and McBride’s Park.

Council declined this fall to pass a smoking ban, opting instead to focus on “education and encouragement.”

Part of that includes these ‘positive signs’. The signs have the town logo on top and the words; “This public space contains fresh Digby air.”

In the centre is a no-smoking symbol and under that the words: “Please do not smoke in our public places.”


The Municipality of the District of Digby is looking to build a small trail to connect their offices in Seabrook to the Digby Area arena.

The proposed route would go through the woods over Industrial Commission land. The council approved the idea in principle and has sent the proposal to the Industrial Commission for their consideration.

The proposal from municipal staff says the trail would connect the offices to town sidewalks and give municipality staff a place to walk other than on the side of Highway 217.

The recreation department mows the soccer field behind the Seabrook offices and would no longer have to trailer their mower around.

Under the proposal, municipal staff would provide the labour this fall and winter as “a work party”.

The plan calls for a trail bed four feet in width with a ten-foot cleared opening with no sharp bends or intersections.


Organizations: Digby council, Digby General Hospital, Town council Point Prim Association Twin Mountain Construction Industrial Commission Digby Centre Don Brown

Geographic location: Digby, Saint John, SEABROOK Fishermen's Memorial Park Fishermen’s Memorial Park

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