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Good and bad comes each year

It’s a small thing, but somehow we managed to print 53 issues in 2015 of this weekly newspaper. Yet it’s this coming leap year, 2016, which has an extra day, leaving us to ponder how 2015 seemed to stretch in an added week.  Actually, so much happens around here that an elastic year might explain how it all fits in.

Princess of Acadia departed for good in July and was succeeded by Fundy Rose.

We’ll publish a review of 2015 in our first January issue, but the two things that come to mind right off about 2015 were the Winter of Snows and the Switch of Ferries. Both deserved the use of capital letters.

Last winter’s snows went on and on. People will be telling their grandchildren in years hence about the time we worried spring would never melt the snow, maybe not even summer.

Then July brought the handover in the Bay of Fundy ferry service, with the well-loved Princess of Acadia making an emotional final departure from Digby. The new ferry, Fundy Rose, has yet to earn the same affection as the Princess, but we finally could relax after years of worrying the service might be lost.

So, 2015 had some good and some bad, and we can expect the same in 2016, but as we do each year at this time, we wish that for you the good will outweigh the bad, and that the New Year will bring peace and prosperity.

Oh, and there’s no extra charge to subscribers this year for a 53rd issue.

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