Annapolis RCMP still busy despite stormy week in the Valley

Published on February 15, 2017

Annapolis RCMP Crime Report looks at the weekly calls for service police answer.

©Lawrence Powell

MIDDLETON - It was a week of storms in Annapolis County, and that may be the reason for a drop in the number of calls to Annapolis District RCMP who went from 105 calls the week before to 68 from Feb. 7 to Feb. 14. But they were still busy despite the white stuff.

Fourteen of the calls were through 911, and police conducted three checkstops during the week.

Among other calls were: one arson, one assault, six assistance, one breach of the peace, one child pornography, one crime prevention, one criminal harassment, one driving while disqualified, one failing to remain at the scene of an accident, one false alarm, two frauds, one impaired operation of a motor vehicle, one Liquor Control Act violation, and seven Mental Health Act situations.

There were also two mischiefs, seven speeding violations, one Off-Road Vehicles Act call, two people reported missing, theft of a motor vehicle, theft under $5,000.00 from a motor vehicle, six traffic collisions, one trafficking, one Trespass Act call, two uttering threats, and one wellbeing check.

Following are a few of the calls for service:

(Note: Due to the sensitive nature of cases concerning sexual assault, children’s welfare and mental health issues, not all calls are considered appropriate for publication.)

-- Feb. 6 at 11:21 a.m. at Middleton. Police received a report of fraud. The complainant reported a phone scam where the caller requested a transfer of money. No money was transferred and their bank has been advised.

-- Feb. 6 at 3:45 p.m. at Arlington. Police received a complaint of theft and trespassing. The complainant reported that somebody trespassed on their property. Signs that say ‘No Hunting’ are missing and shots were heard near the property. This is an ongoing issue reported to police and DNR. Police attended and spoke with the complainant. Police will continue to monitor that area.

-- Feb. 6 at 5:59 p.m. at Middleton. Police received a complaint of a vehicle rear-ending another vehicle. The driver of the vehicle in the rear was suspected to be impaired. Police went to the scene and determined there were no signs of impairment and the driver accidentally hit the gas pedal and struck the other vehicle. There were no injuries and vehicle information was exchanged.

-- Feb. 7 at 1:58 p.m. at Brickton. Police were called to a 911 two-vehicle crash. One of the vehicles was travelling east on Highway 1 and was struck in the intersection with Mount Hanley Road when the vehicle travelling north failed to stop. There was extensive damage to both vehicles with airbags deploying in both. EHS attended but done of the people involved in the crash required medical attention. Both vehicles were towed. Lawrencetown fire and DOT were also on hand.

-- Feb. 7 at 4:58 p.m. at Margaretsville. Police received complaint of a missing person in the Margaretsville area. The person did not return home after school. After a short period of time police were able to locate the missing youth at a friend’s place and were able to determine they were safe.

-- Feb. 7 at 9:08 p.m. at Middleton. Police were called to a local business to deal with a drunk male who wouldn’t leave. The man was located by police and arrested for public intoxication. He was lodged in cells until he was sober.

-- Feb. 8 at 5:07 a.m. at Graywood. Police were called to a complaint of fraud that had occurred earlier that same morning. The complainant had money taken from his account that was spent on e-Bay and Western Union. The culprits were able to get the victim’s visa number. The person was referred to the senior safety coordinator for follow up.

-- Feb. 9 at 5:29 p.m. at Bridgetown. Police received a report of a hit-and-run. The vehicle was parked in front of the Pharmasave. The owner came out to find his truck had been damaged. There was minor damage to a side mirror. It is unknown who is responsible. Damage was deemed to be under $2,000.

-- Feb. 10 at 9:32 a.m. at Granville Ferry. Police responded to a single-vehicle crash that occurred the previous night. The car was in the ditch and the driver was not present. The person who called police was concerned that the vehicle’s placement might cause a problem for the snowplow. While the police were attempting to contact the owner a tow truck arrived and pulled the car out. Police were able to obtain the registration information.

-- Feb. 12 at 6:28 a.m. at Greenland. Police received a report of a vehicle on fire. Police, EHS, and firefighters all attended. The driver of the vehicle was not located. It is believed the vehicle was stolen out of Digby. The matter is under investigation.

-- Feb. 12 at 7:22 a.m. at Meadowvale. Police received a complaint of a theft of a car. The vehicle was recovered a short time later in Greenwood. RCMP members from Kingston detachment attended to start an investigation which is ongoing.

-- Feb. 12 at 1:41 p.m. at Wilmot. Police received a complaint of mischief where one resident was blowing snow into their neighbour’s yard. Police attended and asked the neighbor to kindly stop at which point he did.

-- Feb. 12 at 3:50 p.m. at Graywood. Police received a report of an overdue person. The person had gone to Yarmouth and had not returned as scheduled. Several attempts were made to contact them on their cell phone. The complainant later reported that they were able to contact the missing person and they were okay

-- Feb. 13 at 1:20 p.m. at Lequille. Police stopped an ATV for operating without a permit. The driver was issued a warning.

-- Feb. 13 at 8:57 p.m. at Middleton. Police were called to a report of an abandoned vehicle that was stuck in a snow drift. The driver was not there when police arrived but he was contacted and advised that he had made arrangements to have a tow truck pick up the vehicle in the morning. The RCMP members taped off the vehicle – so people would know the police had been there and had investigated.

-- Feb. 13 at 9:32 p.m. at Clarence. Police received a complaint of a vehicle in the ditch. There were no injuries or entrapment. The complainant had attempted to get a tow truck but due to the weather conditions none would attend. Traffic conditions were hazardous at the time with whiteout conditions. The driver was advised to recover the vehicle when it was safer to do so.

-- Feb. 14 at 3 a.m. at Middleton. Police received a complaint that somebody was producing crystal meth. Police attended and there was no evidence of any crystal meth production.

Crimes, or information on crimes, can be reported to the Annapolis RCMP at 825-2000 in Middleton, or 665-4481 in Bridgetown. Information on crimes can also be reported to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.