Liberal MLA Wayne Gaudet quitting

Blames loss of Clare riding for decision

John DeMings
Published on January 18, 2013
Liberal MLA Wayne Gaudet has represented Clare since 1993

Liberal MLA Wayne Gaudet will not reoffer in the next provincial election, blaming his decision on the demise of his Acadian rising of Clare.

“It remains an honour to represent the good people of Clare—come the next election the riding will no longer exist,” said Gaudet, who has represented the riding since 1993. 

 “The Dexter government has decided to eliminate the riding of Clare and that’s the reason I will not be reoffering.”

Clare become part of the Digby County riding, a change that sees the end of the Digby-Annapolis riding represented in recent years by Liberal MLA Harold ‘Junior’ Theriault. He earlier announced his retirement from politics. 

Gaudet met with his riding association earlier this week to inform them of his decision. He will continue to serve until the next election.

Liberal leader Stephen McNeil says Gaudet will be missed around the caucus table.

“Wayne has been an invaluable part of this team. I have learned a lot from him and his experiences in our party. We all have.”

In addition to twice serving as interim leader of the party, Gaudet has served as Minister of Agriculture and Marketing, Minister of Human Resources, Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs, Minister of Education and Culture, Minister of Business and Consumer Affairs, Minister responsible for Acadian Affairs, Speaker of the House, and Deputy Speaker of the House.

In an interview in early December, Gaudet said the next MLA for the county will have to be very good at determining priorities.

“I wish along with creating this legislation, they had created a few extra hours in the day. You’re looking at Beaver River to New Edinburgh to Southville, then Bear River and Digby Neck: it’s a large area and diverse, but try to explain that to them in Halifax.