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Town to ask that consideration be given to having a full cancer unit at the Yarmouth hospital

Yarmouth Regional Hospital.
Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

YARMOUTH, N.S. – Should cancer services be expanded at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital?

A motion was approved at the April 13 meeting of the Yarmouth town council to write a letter to the Department of Health and Wellness asking that consideration be given to having a full cancer unit in Yarmouth.

The motion was brought forward by Councillor Sandy Dennis, who said while on one of many visits to Halifax an oncologist spoke to her about the fact that radiation is not offered at the hospital in Yarmouth.

“He thought as a town councillor, I should bring it to council,” she said.

In Yarmouth chemotherapy is available, but there is no radiology oncology unit, causing people to have to travel to Halifax for this treatment and sometimes for extended periods of time. In speaking with other people from the region who have, or must, spend extended time in Halifax, along with a caregiver, Dennis said they’ve told her it can become quite costly, in addition to keeping people away from their home, family and friends.

Dennis said she’d like to see other municipal units in the region, particularly those in Yarmouth County, write similar letters on behalf of their residents.

The Yarmouth Regional Hospital serves people from Yarmouth, Digby and Shelburne counties.

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