Digby Care 25 raises $2,665 for Digby County health services charity

Published on March 16, 2017

Phil Barrett (left), Director of the Digby & Area Health Services Foundation, and Neil Nichols, the foundation’s chairman, stand with Michelle Winchester and Debbie Haight (far right) of the Digby Care 25 from whom they’ve received a cheque of $2,665 dollars. The group is standing next to the new ultrasound machine purchased by the foundation.

©Sara Ericsson

DIGBY, NS - They’ve done it again: Digby Care 25 has raised money for another deserving non-profit from within Digby County.

The group presented the Digby & Area Health Services Foundation with a cheque for $2,665 Mar. 16 at the Digby General Hospital.

The foundation has done much work at the hospital including the recent purchase of a new ultrasound machine, which cost in the vicinity of $170,000.

Phil Barrett, the foundation’s director, said the foundation is “very thankful to have received these funds to help contribute to the cost of equipment the foundation purchases.”

Neil Nichols, the foundation’s chairman, said “it’s really everyone that benefits from this money, since it goes right back to the community through the new medical equipment we purchase.”

Digby Care 25 is only three years old and has already raised over $20,000 for different registered charities within Digby County. In 2016 alone, the group raised over $10,000. Debbie Haight and Michelle Winchester run the group, and both agree about how rewarding it’s been.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” said Winchester. “Raising money for these charities really is the best.”

Haight added that, “it’s especially great that we see the money being donated to charities in our community, and actually see where it goes. The community will only continue to grow if we support it the way we’ve been doing.”

Digby Care 25 currently has around 85 members. The women-only group meets quarterly with every member donating at least $25 at each meeting. The money donated is what goes to various charities throughout Digby County.

Anyone looking to join Digby Care 25 is asked to email the group at digbycare25@hotmail.com. There is a closed Facebook group where interested people can ask to join.