Medibus meeting with Dept. of Health about coming back to Digby

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
Published on November 20, 2014

Norman Penny and his wife Jane stopped by the Medibus in Weymouth last fall.

©Karla Kelly

DIGBY - Medibus is going to try again.

Representatives of the mobile health care provider told a recent meeting of the Digby District municipal council that they will be talking to the Department of Health and Wellness tomorrow.

Medibus offered primary health care services from a mobile trailer as a pilot project in Digby County for a few months in the fall of 2013.

Jennifer Murdoch, business manager with Medibus and Constance Daye, who worked as a Nurse Practitioner on the bus, addressed a committee of the whole meeting at the Municipality of the District of Digby on Nov. 10.

“Medibus over the last year or so has been working very very hard to bring services back to the people of Digby since we had our successful pilot project,” said Murdoch to council.

She told council that representatives of Medibus would be meeting with the Department of Health and Wellness on Nov. 21.

“We’ve been invited back to further discuss the opportunity to have a pilot for evaluation to see how mobile primary health care in communities that are underserviced in rural parts of the province would work,” she said.

Councillor Maritza Adams asked if Medibus was planning to do anything different this time around.

 “We’ve just made changes and those changes are good changes and they are going to be a good thing for Digby and surrounding areas,” said Day.

“Billing was the big stumbling block wasn’t it?” asked Adams.

“There were certainly some challenges in terms of the way the MSI preamble is currently stated, no question,” answered Murdoch. “But there are other ways in which we might be able to work within the existing parameters as well as working with government.”

Murdoch said that Medibus was thrilled to be invited to speak with the Department of Health and Wellness.

“This is a community that has really shown a great deal of resourcefulness,” she said. “You have got so many great things in place already, and if we could just come and humbly add to that, maybe augment some of those services, it would be a real privilege for us to do so.”

Murdoch asked council for two things: a letter of support to take to the provincial government, and permission to use the municipality’s parking lot again for storing the Medibus bus.

Council agreed to both those requests.

Clare Digby MLA Gordon Wilson also met with Medibus on Nov. 10 and provided a letter of support.

“I support the principal and what Medibus can do for communities,” he said. “The challenge is how do they fit into our complex health care system.”