Bear River Legion closed for ‘re-organization’

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
Published on April 30, 2013

The Bear River Legion will stay closed until at least the end of May.

The doors were locked on the building on Bear River’s main street after a meeting this past week.

Jean Marie Deveau, president of the Nova Scotia Nunavut Command of the Royal Canadian Legion said the branch has asked Command for help.

“They asked us for help to reorganize,” she told the Courier by phone on Tuesday, April 30. “And that’s what we’ve committed to do.

“We do this every now and then when a branch needs help.

“We help the branch out, we help them go forward to do bigger and better things.”

She would not say what caused the branch to ask for help or what the problems were that required “reorganization.”

When asked specifically if there had been any thefts or wrong-doing at the branch she replied, “Not at all, no absolutely not.”

She said Legions sometimes have a reputation as an “old boys’ club”.

“We help some of the branches move into the 21st century,” she said.

The Bear River Legion will hold another meeting on Friday, May 31 to discuss the branch’s future.

Deveau said the meeting is open to Legion members and any community-minded people interested in helping or joining the Legion.