Digby residents rumbling about rock hauling

Warden calls public meeting

Published on April 16, 2013

With the breakwater project about to begin next month at the Digby wharf, some municipality residents have questions about how the rock hauling is going to affect them.

To build the new breakwater, trucks will haul 175,000 tonnes of rock from the Mariner Aggregates quarry at the top of Mount Pleasant down to the Digby wharf.

Hauling won’t begin until the spring weight restrictions are lifted from Nova Scotia highways. Information from the Department of Transportation’s website puts this at May 6 for Digby County. When the restrictions are lifted, the trucks will start their runs in the morning and continue straight through the day until 7 p.m.

Jeff Sunderland, manager of the Digby Harbour Port Association, said the route the trucks will take has not been finalized and is still under discussion with Western Specialty Contractors, the Manitoba company that won the tender for the project.

But some local residents are concerned about additional trucks on the roads.

Linda Gregory, Warden for the Municipality of Digby, said they’ve received several calls about the effects on road conditions, noise and even adherence to local by-laws.

Gregory has spoken with the contractor about the calls and said she wants a good, sensible operation with minimal effect on residents.

In response to the concerns, Gregory is organizing an information session about the breakwater operation.

Gregory said this will give a chance to let people know what’s happening so there won’t be any more rumours.

Sunderland thinks the information session is a great opportunity.

“We’re trying to make sure accurate information is available to local residents,” said Sunderland.

The information session is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 7 at the Digby municipal offices in Seabrook.

Gregory will chair the meeting with a Q&A session for residents following the main presentation.

Sunderland will be present at the meeting, along with Reg Hazelton, chair of the Digby Harbour Port Association, as well as representatives from Western Specialty Contracting, the RCMP and the Department of Transportation.