Build your own Titanic from a kit from Frenchies

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
Published on April 10, 2012

Norman Bean built a model of the Titanic in his Weymouth home.

He built the four-foot long model from a cutout book he bought at Frenchies for 10 cents.

The book, by Alan Rose, is called 'Build Your Own Titanic' from a series called 'The World on the Move' and was published in 1981. Used copies of the book, with the model pieces still in, sell for $50 to $100 online.

It took Bean four months to put the model together. The hardest part he says was keeping the cables and wires tight. He inserted shish kabob sticks into the masts to keep the paper from bending.

Charles Haas wrote this introduction to the book:

"Now you can travel through time and history by constructing this exact, reduced-scale reproduction of one of the most legendary Ocean Liners ever to sail the seas. All the raw materials are included in this book: you only need to add an X-acto knife, glue and perseverance. Printed in full, authentic color on sturdy card stock, 'Build Your Own Titanic' contains step-by-step, illustrated instructions, an exploding diagram and clearly numbered pieces for easy assembly. The colored cutouts on heavy stock, together with scissors, glue and patience will do the job. Included, too, is an introduction that explains the sad history and unique features of this renowned ship, which went to the bottom of the Atlantic on its maiden voyage. Here's a fascinating way for you to raise the Titanic that will ultimately result in a beautiful display of one wonder of the world on the move."