Hospital entrance getting a new windbreak

Main entrance to be closed for construction

Keith Maryanovich
Published on December 7, 2012

The metal guardrail is to protect a glass windbreak that will be built this week at the main entrance to Digby General.

Keith Maryanovich

The metal barricade at the main entrance to the Digby hospital is only the beginning of a larger project.

Construction crews are expected to begin work on a glass windbreak for the main entrance of Digby General Hospital next week, starting Monday, Dec. 10.

Hospital management received approval and funding this summer to install the windbreak to keep winter winds out of the main lobby and waiting room.

The metal barrier will protect the glass windbreak from snowplows and other vehicles.

Construction crews will also grade the sidewalk at each end of the windbreak in order to provide smoother access.

Crews have already replaced concrete barriers that used to surround the parking lot with a wood railing.

Access to the hospital main entrance is now via each end of the metal barrier.

People have complained this week about the barrier, the uneven sidewalk and a slight curb at the edge of the sidewalk and wondered what the reasoning was behind the guardrail.

Unfortunately scooter, wheelchairs, and handicapped people have had an especially difficult climb of it.

Rodney Banks dropped his father off recently for an appointment at the hospital.

“It is an additional stepping stone and a little tricky for some”, said Banks as he helped his father over the curb from his car.

The main entrance will be closed during construction but visitors and patients can enter through the emergency entrance and staff entrances.

Hubert d'Entremont, the hospital’s site manager says they are sorry for any inconvenience and confusion.

He expects the construction crews to be done within the week.