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Five ways for you and your family to get outside this Easter Weekend

Any time of day spent at Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse is breathtaking.
Any time of day spent at Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse is breathtaking.

DIGBY, NS – The weather is warm, and the holiday is here. What better time to explore your own backyard than Easter Long Weekend?

Here are some suggestions on what to do and see around the county:

Any time of day spent at Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse is breathtaking.

    1.     Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse

Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse is a beautiful little area located in Weymouth, about 25 minutes past Digby, off Highway 101.

The site features a rocky beach, a lighthouse that’s over a century old, and a killer view. Sit at one of the picnic tables for a family brunch, or take your turn wading in the water digging for treasures amongst the pebbles and rocks. The site also has a Facebook page.


Sean Merrett leading a group of people around VanTassel Lake.

    2.     VanTassel Trail

The VanTassel Trail system is new and exciting, and is something to see. With many varieties of trees and different species of wildlife, it’s the perfect family jaunt only minutes from the Town of Digby.

Sean Merrett, the association’s chair, says the following can be found on the trail:

        ·      Ruins of old foundations;

        ·      some stone mill ruins;

        ·      a lookoff;

        ·      a creek, lake and waterfall;

        ·      access roads for easier hiking;

        ·      scatterings of yellow birch trees and skunk cabbage;

        ·      signs of beaver and other wildlife activity; and

        ·      sightings of grey jays, which Fundy Erratics hiker Greg Turner says is rare in this area.

Check out the association’s Facebook page for more information.


Sis Elliott's seaglass, all found around Brier Island. Since the creation of the Brier Island Sea Glass Collector Facebook group, more members have joined and word has spread that the island is a sea glass mecca.

    3.     Seaglass on Brier Island

Did you know Brier Island is rumoured to have one of the best collection of beaches with sea glass in Nova Scotia? Here is your chance to find out. The islanders do, and even have their own Facebook group run by Sis Elliott, sea glass hunter extraordinaire.

Riding the ferries can be fun as well. Island photographer Amy Tudor captures this well on her various social media channels, and says ferry rides are but one special aspect of life on Brier Island.


The view of Digby's port area as a sunset begins.

    4.     Watch the sunset at Digby Waterfront

While this ‘get outside’ idea is a little more dependent on sun and cloud conditions, rest assured that almost every sunset over Digby’s port area is phenomenal.

Colours vary, as do the clouds, but one thing is for sure: watching the sunset as fishing boats slink back into the dock is a treat for all.


The actual monument to Maud Lewis the life-size steel replica of the Lewis home constructed by Cherubini Metal Works, and placed on the original foundation footings of their home.

    5.     Visit the Maud Lewis house replica

Maud Lewis is getting some much deserved and long awaited international attention with the release of the movie Maudie, starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke.

The site, is steeped in history. Lewis’ paintings are full of bright colours and fun motifs and are reminiscent, in a way, of Easter. 

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