Digby sock monkey business owner named one of 150 Great Canadians

150 people from across Canada selected as contest winners

Published on August 9, 2017

Dale and Sherrie Kearney stand in front of their monkey business office, where the magic happens. Sherrie has been named one of 150 Great Canadians by Molson Canadian and has won a specialized beer fridge.

©Sara Ericsson

DIGBY, NS – Sock monkey creator and business owner Sherrie Kearney thought her husband was joking when he told her she’d been chosen as one of 150 Great Canadians for a contest.

Dale Kearney, a self-professed jokester, told her that no, he was being serious, and she’d not only been nominated but had won the Molson Canadian #ATasteOfWhoWeAre contest, for which 150 Great Canadians are selected to win a beer fridge created especially for them by the beer company.

Surprised is an understatement of how she felt after hearing the words.

“Shock better describes how it felt. I really couldn’t believe it,” she said.


The nomination

Sherrie is the owner and creator of Monkeys and More, a Digby company that sells sock monkeys that she conceives, designs and completes and runs alongside Dale Kearney.

While she and Dale say business is still in the early stages locally, the company has sold monkeys all over the world to countries including Sweden, Australia, Switzerland and Guatemala.

The monkeys’ biggest local attraction of the summer will be next week’s Tall Ships event. 100 monkeys have been made by Sherrie just for the occasion.

The couple also create special monkeys for auction, like the Justin Trudeau sock monkey currently being auctioned until September 3 to raise money for the Christmas Daddies charity, made from Justin Trudeau’s own socks.

They’ve auctioned monkeys for the same charity in the past and several others, and have donated thousands of dollars.

These donations are what prompted a friend to nominate them.

Another of the many designs Sherrie creates for her one of a kind sock monkeys.

©Dale Kearney


A Great Canadian

Despite having donated estensively to charity, Sherrie admits she felt uncertain she and her business deserved the moniker of ‘Great Canadian.’

“As a general rule you’re always harder on yourself and what you do than you are on others,” she said.

“When I thought of other Canadians like veterans or paramedics, it was hard to put myself alongside them.”

Nevertheless, Sherrie is very excited to have been selected as a winner. She and Dale are very excited for their beer fridge – which Molson has emblazoned with the Monkeys and More name and logo – to arrive in the next five to six weeks.

“We’re going to buy some beer to fill it with and will have fun deciding where it will go,” said Dale.

And when she thinks of how her business and donations have helped other Canadians, she feels pretty good.

“We were lucky to receive help throughout our lives from people we’re close with. We’ve always wanted to make just enough money to be able to do the same for others,” she said.

“It’s a great feeling when you know you’re helping as best as you can.”