Tiverton man to walk and raise funds for Boar’s Head lighthouse memorial

Published on July 20, 2017

Craig Buckman stands at Boar’s Head Lighthouse, where he will start his walk to raise money for a memorial to remember the lighthouse’s keepers over the years.

©Submitted by Jonathan Riley

TIVERTON, NS – A Digby County man will walk 35 miles to raise money for a memorial dedicated to lighthouse keepers.

Tiverton resident Craig Buckman will start his journey at Boar’s Head Lighthouse on Long Island and walk all the way to Western Light on Brier Island, and back again.

His objective along the way is to raise awareness and funding for a memorial remembering the lighthouse keepers at Boar’s Head since 1864, the year it was built.

The memorial was conceived at a meeting of the Tiverton and Central Grove Heritage Society, of which Craig and his brother Barry are members.

“Barry first proposed the idea, which was supported right away by the rest of us,” said Buckman.

“We just had to find a way to raise the $3,000 that this will cost.”

The thought of his upcoming trek first crossed his mind a few years before as a great way to raise money for a cause. The only thing holding him back was just that – a cause.

After ownership of the lighthouse site was given to Digby Municipality last year and the memorial plans set in place, he knew he’d found just the one.

“I knew once the ownership of the site came through and plans set in motion that this would be what I walked for,” he said.

Buckman will start walking July 29. Until then, he’ll be canvassing houses in the area for donations to his cause.

His route is roughly 35 miles, or 56 kilometres, round trip. Buckman will allow himself 11 to 12 hours to make the trip and will maintain an even pace in hopes of making it the whole way, bringing only a backpack with water and snacks to keep him going.

“I’ll start at Boar’s Head early in the morning, down to East Ferry then take the ferry to Brier Island and walk to each lighthouse, then try and walk back,” he said.

Support from Tiverton has meant the world to him over the past three weeks Buckman has been planning the walk. He’ll soon canvas door to door in Freeport and Westport to try and gain even more support.

This will be the first time Buckman has walked 56 straight kilometres.

“Everyone sees it as a good cause. That encourages me,” he said

“Plus I really do enjoy walking anyway!”