Comedian Derek Edwards coming to Yarmouth March 29

Published on March 14, 2017

Comedian Derek Edwards will do a show at Th'YARC March 29.

YARMOUTH -- One of Canada’s best-known comedians is returning to Yarmouth, where he will offer his unique perspective on things during a March 29 performance at Th’YARC.

Derek Edwards says his new show – Alls I’m Saying – will provide people with an antidote to some of the news they’re hearing these days.

“We’ve got to do something to counteract this unhinged clown that’s running the show to the south of us,” he said.

Speaking from his home in Toronto, Edwards said his mission is “to bring in a lot of positive energy, and hope, and just have fun – whimsical, silly, ridiculous fun.”

His date at Th’YARC is part of a Maritime tour that will have him do 10 shows in just under two weeks. Showtime is 7:30 p.m.

Once described by Rick Mercer as the “funniest man in Canada,” Edwards has, over the years, used his standup routine to provide a fresh take on a variety of topics, from camping to banking, from dog ownership to employment insurance, from razor blade commercials to mad cow disease.

Edwards says he finds potential comedic material in the news and also in regular daily life.

“From the faraway things to the stuff in front of your nose that you do day after day,” he said.

He has been fairly busy touring lately and he spoke of a recent performance out west.

“I did a show for the sewage industry, the wastewater treatment people,” he said. “And you know what? They’re hilarious, and there’s no joke you can write about their occupation that they haven’t already written.”

Edwards is originally from Timmins, Ontario, also the former home of singer Shania Twain. He used to joke that being from the same community as Twain was like being the second most popular person from Bethlehem.

It’s getting close to 30 years since Edwards, 59, starting doing comedy.  He was asked to recall what inspired him to pursue this path.

“Everybody has a few nights where they get to be the funny one in the kitchen at the party, right?” he said. “And it’s a nice feeling. You get people laughing, you get a good chuckle going.”