Sea Cadets looking to expand their ranks

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
Published on February 27, 2013

The Cornwallis Sea Cadets have room for another couple dozen cadets to fill out their ranks.

“This is an excellent opportunity for local youth,” says the corps’ commanding officer Lieutenant Navy Darren Ashe. “Sailing, shooting, leadership, trips, summer camps, and now, even high school credits, all at no cost.”

Ashe says they have space and enough leaders for another 15 to 20 youth aged 12 to 18.

The cadets meet every Wednesday in Cornwallis but also have the chance to take part in weekend training and the upcoming March Break trip to Metro at no cost to the cadets.

They will be staying on a base in Halifax, getting damage control and firefighting training. The cadets will also be going paintballing and visiting the malls while they are in the city.

Sea cadets also offers summer camps.

“They have a lot of fun and acquire a lot of great skills and training,” says Ashe. “We use the leadership and structure of the armed forces to help the youth become more professional people.”

Participation in cadets can earn the young people a full or half elective credit on their high school transcript – the Personal Development Credit, announced last June.

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps 26 Cornwallis is celebrating their 70th anniversary this year.

They are considering adding a Navy League Cadet corps which is for children 9 to 12 but haven’t yet made a decision on that.

More information about the Cornwallis Sea Cadets is available on their website. or at