Mobile webcam from downtown Wharf Rat

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
Published on August 31, 2012
The mobile webcam shows a part of Water Street that is normally filled with bikes all day Saturday and Sunday.
courtesy NS Webcams

Wondering about the fun in downtown Digby during the Wharf Rat Rally?

Nova Scotia Webcams has set up their mobile event webcam on the front lawn of the Digby post office—right in the middle of Water Street and in the heart of all the action.

Ralf Pickart of NS Webcams says since the webcam went live, the audience has stayed pretty constant at around 150 viewers all the time. He expects more to start watching as the action increases over the weekend.

The webcam is looking north up Water Street over an area that is usually covered with bikes all day Saturday and Sunday and probably some of Friday too.

The main vendor area is across the street from the webcam. The wharf, harbour and Annapolis Basin is visible in the background and viewers will probably be able to see a good deal of the speed boat races both Saturday and Sunday.

Pickart says this is the first deployment of the mobile event webcam and so far response has been positive.

“Now we can show people what is going on in Nova Scotia,” says Pickart. “Not just scenery but activity too. We can go anywhere the action is now: to the beach, to concerts anywhere we get cell coverage.”

Pickart says they have been considering the mobile cam idea for a while but only recently signed a sponsor.

They are also picky about what events they go to.

 “We get a lot of requests but we want to make sure it is something our audience will be interested in. These are people with some tie to Nova Scotia. Whether as tourists, or potential immigrants or they have family ties--people who want to know what is going on here. We offer them a little window onto Nova Scotia—well, 57 windows actually.”

The URL for the mobile webcam will remain the same even as it moves from event to event:

The other three static webcams in Digby County are:

- - Digby Harbour:

 - - Point Prim:

 - - and Brier Island:

Plus you should see lots of bikes coming down the Hwy 101 on the NS Dept of Highways webcam in Lequille, Annapolis Co.: