The Biker Wedding

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
Published on September 6, 2011

Don Kook and Kim Hanlon Ingraham love each other and they love biking.

They met at Tim’s one day each out for a ride on their bikes, Kook proposed last year at the Wharf Rat Rally.

And this year they celebrated their wedding in front of a couple thousand close friends on the main stage at Digby’s Wharf Rat Rally Saturday afternoon, Sept. 3.

The bride wore leather laced – boots, a white dew rag and veil, white jeans and an armless top which revealed her skull tattoo.

Her bouquet was made of antique brooches that had belonged to her grandmother and great grandmother.

The happy couple arrived with 58 other bikers from Liverpool. Kook drives a custom V- star classic 1100 and the bride a Honda Shadow 750.

The couple hasn’t yet picked the location but they have decided the honeymoon will be a bike trip.