Rustic Crafters exhibit “Off the Hook”

by Karla Kelly

Published on October 10, 2008
Rustic Crafts member Lorraine Lovett explains to Christy Kelly the history of her rug hooking that depicts Gilbert's Cove in the 1950's. Karla Kelly photo

A local rug hooking group officially opened their “Off the Hook” exhibition at Universite Sainte-Anne on Sunday afternoon.

The group, known locally as the Rustic Crafters, has a collection of 45 original pieces of art work that are on display in the art gallery at the university. A founding member of the Crafters Lorraine Lovett said the group was delighted with the number of guests who were present for the opening. “We were thrilled with the opening,” said Lovett. “People showed great interest in the display and the art of rug hooking.”

The Crafters have an information session and demonstration on rug hooking planned for Saturday Oct. 18 at the art gallery from 2-4pm.

The group, led by Lovett and fellow crafter Maryann Doucette, began five years ago and was born out of an interest in local history and crafts. It also served as a source of income for the Gilbert’s Cove lighthouse. “The art of rug hooking, knitting and cross-stitching were all part of our local history.” said Lovett. “The hand made items were necessities for the home years ago and not crafts for a hobby.”

Many of the Crafters design their own patterns while others in the group draw from old photographs of the area for their work.

Local crafters from the Plympton and Gilbert’s Cove area began meeting every Friday afternoon at Lovett’s home and it grew from there. “As more people joined the Rustic Crafters, we had to look for a bigger space to work in.” said Lovett. “Right now we are in the hall at the Holy Cross church in Plympton but we are looking for a more central location as there are members traveling from Church Point and Meteghan.”

Universite Sainte-Anne professor Christine Igot said she had always done needle point but was enthused about the group and joined the Crafters to learn rug hooking. “The “Off the Hook” exhibition was mainly Christine’s idea.” added Lovett. “Spin-offs from this are workshops to show how affordable and relaxing this rug hooking craft is.” “Off the Hook” is open to the public from 8am-8pm everyday until Oct. 30.