Action, suspense in Gilbert’s Cove

Local crew, cast join to make post-apocalyptic samurai movie

Leanne Delong/Digby
Published on October 27, 2009

The overcast afternoon along the shores of Gilbert’s Cove set the scene for a post-apocalyptic samurai movie being shot in the area with the help of local crews and background actors.

A New Jersey-based production company called Fringe Majority is behind the film, which is directed by Dekker Dreyer. The working title for the production is ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’. “What we have is a character named the lighthouse keeper who is played by J LaRose, who people will recognize from the Saw movies,” said director Dekker Dreyer. “His character has a dark past and why he came up to this area gets revealed later on in the movie.”

He said there is a lot of action but at the same time there is a lot of suspense.

Dreyer and his wife Julia Howe, who is co-producer on the film, have owned a home in Gilbert’s cove for seven years and started renovating the place recently.

It was while renovating that they decided to take advantage of the local area and use some of the locations in the film, he said. “We love the atmosphere around here because you get great overcast days. When you look at it on camera it has this eerie other-worldly feeling to it,” said Dreyer.

The crew working with them in Gilbert’s Cove were all local except one man from New York brought up to do some sound, Dreyer said.

There were nine local crew members and six or so extras in the cast who had a line or two in the film. “This has been actually one of the best crews I have ever worked with,” Dreyer said. “It’s not volunteer stuff, it’s all paid crew, so it’s a really cool production for people to be able to get onto and get real practical entertainment industry experience.”

Donald Saulnier from Digby worked for a week as a grip on the movie. “I love it,” he said, “It’s a totally new experience for me.”

Saulnier heard about the job opportunity through

Elizabeth Kemna from British Columbia, who has traveled to Granville Ferry to visit her grandmother off and on since she was four years old, was in charge of props for the movie. “It’s great. Everyone’s friendly, they all get along, there hasn’t been any disasters this far,” she said.

Annapolis County resident Wayne Currie was an actor with one or two lines in the movie and helped gather extras as well. “I’ve done acting in theatre but never with a movie, so I just wanted the opportunity to see what happens, what sort of process goes on,” Currie said.

Another crew member, Dave Varls of Middleton, was best boy of the crew.

He said everything went smoothly and he had a great time.

East Ferry resident Tom Goodwin was the assistant camera man.

Dreyer spent about a week in Gilbert’s Cove and left Wednesday to continue shooting the movie elsewhere. “We’re expecting a limited theatrical release probably in the states. On the Canadian side it will probably be going to home video but that won’t be happening until late 2010 or 2011,” said Dreyer.

Cast members include Lance Henriksen, Brian Thompson, Bill Cobbs, Sab Shimono, J LaRose, Deshja Driggs, Boris Kievsky, Yuri Lowenthal, Bonnie Morgan, Adam Sessler and Rob Gordon.