Claudia Crocker crowned 2017 Digby Scallop Queen

Published on August 12, 2017

Claudia Crocker has been crowned the 2017 Digby Scallop Queen. She said the competition gave her many skills that boosted her confidence and that she’s looking forward to carrying out her duties as queen.

©Sara Ericsson

DIGBY, NS – Claudia Crocker has been crowned the 2017 Digby Scallop Queen.

Crocker is from Freeport and competed for the title alongside her close friend, Amber Sullivan.

Both girls are also cousins with last year’s queen, Taylor Barnaby, and have fond memories of the competition growing up.

“I remember being a little girl and seeing the girls walking around, saying, ‘this is something I want to do’,” said Crocker.


The competition

Crocker and Sullivan, both 18, say they’ve learned a great deal from the process involved with applying for the queen position, a main portion of which revolves around preparing speeches.

“The leadership skills you gain from this process are really valuable,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan said public speaking is “something that makes me nervous, so it was great having to prepare and make myself do it for this. It’s a valuable skill to have.”

©Sara Ericsson

“We learn public speaking, oral and written, and also engaging with new people – these allow us to build up our confidence, which is important,” said Crocker.

Both plan on pursuing post secondary education – Crocker in science at Acadia University and Sullivan in business at the Nova Scotia Community College – and credit the competition with giving them even more skills they’ll use in their studies.


The position

The duo’s duties for the weekend have them side by side – presiding over events, chatting with festival goers and

Crocker will go on to compete this May at Apple Blossom for the title of Queen Annapolisa. She’ll also make appearances at various events and participate in parades.

Crocker’s close friend Amber Sullivan is her First Lady-in-Waiting. Crocker will attend Apple Blossom next May and vie for the title of Queen Annapolisa. If she is unable to go, Sullivan will go in her place. “It’s been really special being able to share this with my close friend,” said Crocker.

©Sara Ericsson

After years in her 4H club, where she gave many presentations, Crocker said she’s pretty comfortable in the position, which involves lots of public speaking and meeting new people.

And then again, it’s always nice to have a friend to lean on if things get tough.

“We work together. I’m her go to gal,” said Sullivan.

“If there’s anything she can’t go to, I go for her.”

The two are glad to have shared this experience with a friend.

“We’re a back to lean on for each other,” said Crocker.