Windsor six-year-old receives international award for helping African families

Published on April 16, 2017

(Left to right) Jason Trider and Les Reid (Rotary Club of Windsor), Luke MacDonald and Alex Handyside (Rotary Club of Halifax Harbourside), Paul Harris Fellow Chelsea James, Debbie Fredericks, Adrian Brewer (Roll Out The Barrel founder and CEO), Mike Knowles (Principal, Windsor Elementary School), Cindy Bezant-Titus (Rotarian, E-club of Atlantic Canada), and Ed James (Chelsea's Dad).


WINDSOR, N.S. - Chelsea James, 6, a student at Windsor Elementary School, got a nice surprise for her efforts to help out families in Kenya.

Chelsea received a Paul Harris Fellowship Award by the Rotary Foundation for her support of the Roll Out The Barrel Trust, which delivers water barrels to families in drought-stricken Kenya.

A water barrel can spare women and children from the daily hardship of carrying water with only their body, which could weigh as much as their own bodyweight.

When Chelsea’s dad, Ed, talked about how big of a difference one rolling barrel could be for one family, she enlisted her own family to help raise $600, enough money to buy rolling barrels for 10 families in Kenya.

With the help of her family, Chelsea made a video showing how a little girl with a rolling barrel could transport more water than she could pick up if she had to carry it herself.

Ed James helped set up a GoFundMe page, which quickly surpassed her goal and continues to grow and provide more and more rolling barrels to those in need.

Chelsea’s efforts caught the attention of Adrian Brewer, founder of Roll Out The Barrel and CEO of the Roll Out The Barrel Trust, which is largely supported by the Rotary Foundation in the U.K., the organization that presented her with the Paul Harris fellowship.

Brewer travelled from the U.K. to Windsor, Nova Scotia to recognize Chelsea’s contribution to the project and to take part in presenting her Paul Harris Fellowship Award.

You can read more about Roll Out The Barrel here.