VON Tri-County launches additional adult day program in Yarmouth

Published on March 6, 2017

Sandra Hubbard-LeBlanc (left) of the VON chats with adult day program participants Rosaline Cann and Al LeBlanc Feb. 23 at the VON’s office in Yarmouth.

©Eric Bourque

YARMOUTH -- Already offering an adult day program on Thursday afternoons at its Yarmouth location, the VON has started a morning one.

Group members have a chance to take part in structured social and recreational activities while their caregivers get a bit of a break.

“Typically, it was just an afternoon program, from 1:30 to 4,” said Sandra Hubbard-LeBlanc of the VON. “Now we’ve added another program, from 10 o’clock to 12:30 on the same day.”

 The new group held its first session Feb. 23 and there are still spaces available, said Hubbard-LeBlanc, co-ordinator of community support and volunteer services with VON Tri-County.

The idea is to help alleviate isolation for seniors, bringing them together for fellowship, gentle exercises, games, a snack, music and singing and the like.

“We have some clients with dementia,” said Hubbard-LeBlanc. “We have some clients with medical issues, things like that, so it’s a safe place for adults to come and have some fun. It really is a family here.”

Program participants include Al LeBlanc, who has been involved in the Thursday afternoon group and who was on hand for the launch of the morning one. He said he enjoys the social aspect of the program.

Hubbard-LeBlanc invites anyone interested in the program to contact her at the VON office.

“I would meet with the family and/or the individual and see if the program’s a good fit for them and vise versa and go from there,” she said.

As she was speaking, a couple of volunteers were at work. She made a point of acknowledging those who donate their time and energy to the adult day program, saying their contribution is vital.

“I have excellent volunteers,” she said. “We couldn’t run the program without volunteers.”