Bear River Winter Carnival art show submissions being sought from youth

Published on January 24, 2017

Submissions for an art show, including paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures, are being accepted.


BEAR RIVER, N.S. – The Oakdene Centre in Bear River is calling for entries for a young persons’ art show that will happen during the community’s upcoming winter carnival.

The art show, being held in conjunction with the Bear River Winter Carnival, opens Thursday, Feb. 9 at 6 p.m. and run to Sunday, Feb. 12.

Submissions are being accepted up until Feb. 8, but the earlier the better.

Ken Flett says they are accepting different mediums for the show: drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc.

“I’m leaving it pretty much open. I used to be an arts snob and be very picky about shows and stuff,” he says with a cheerful laugh. “Now I figure if you do any kind of art that’s good. It’s better to do something than to not do anything.”

He says there is no specific level of experience being sought either.

“I like the combination from beginner to master,” he says, adding young people display a lot of creativity with their art.

“I am getting some interest from the high school,” he adds. “There’s some people from there who seem to be excited about it so that’s good.”

Flett says in past art shows when they’ve sought submissions from artists the response has been very good. This year, he says, they wanted to give the young people a chance to display their art.

And they don’t just have to be from the Bear River area.

As part of the show, there will be a People’s Choice Award with prizes.

For more information people can contact Flett by email at or by telephone at 902-467-0469.