VIDEO - Igloo rises for Hantsport Winter Carnival

Published on January 22, 2017

Leaha Pitcher, 8, lends a hand to build the igloo in Hantsport.

©Colin Chisholm

HANTSPORT, N.S. – It’s become a temporary landmark for the past three years in Hantsport, ushering in the start of the winter carnival.

The igloo, which sits near the entrance to the community from Highway 101, acts as a beacon to visitors.

Ben Johnson, a Hantsport resident, has been helping build the igloo now for three years.

“A big part of the community is having lots of volunteers, and the kids really love having this,” Johnson said. “It’s just fun to hang out with people you don’t get to hang out with very often.”

Johnson said certain points of the igloo construction are trickier than others, especially the top.

Paul Morton, organizer of the Hantsport Winter Carnival said the igloo helps draw in visitors to the carnival, which kicks off in earnest on Jan. 26.

“You’re always trying to think of something different,” Morton said. “People who come into town think it’s great, especially when it’s lit up at night.”

Morton said they’ve received between 800 and 1,000 cartons to help make the igloo a reality.

People in the community fill empty milk or juice cartons with water and food colouring, freeze them into bricks and then they’re cut open and used for the igloo.

Morton said they received snow, which is used as the mortar of the igloo, via Ski Martock as there’s a shortage of snow in Hantsport.

“Nobody had a Winter Carnival like this for years, so I thought, let’s have one and see what the reaction is,” he said.

This is the fourth year of the Hantsport Winter Carnival.

Most of the events during the carnival are free, with a few requiring paid admission. All details here.

Kim Myles (far right), from Hantsport, helps to get the blocks of ice ready with a group of fellow volunteers.

©Colin Chisholm