How can we help? Digby Care 25 donates to Digby Clare Mental Health Volunteers

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
Published on March 29, 2016

DIGBY – A group of caring women have donated almost $2,600 to help people with mental health issues in Clare and Digby.

Digby Care 25 meets every three months with the goal of making a difference in the communities of Digby County.

On March 6 the group voted to give $2,575 to the Digby Clare Mental Health Volunteers.

The DCMHV hopes to expand some of their outreach services and programs for people with mental health concerns in Digby County.

Currently the DCHMV operates an adult drop in at the Digby Library every Wednesday.

Joan Trim with the provincial Mental Health Services runs the sessions and hasn’t missed a week since it started seven years ago.

The DCHMV says they’d like to expand that program to Clare and Digby Neck and Islands.

Working with the SchoolsPlus program, the DCMHV has also provided a grant for the operation of a girls’ camp for teens with concerns like depression, suicide or bullying.

The volunteers are hoping to add a summer camp for girls in Clare and a camp for boys in Digby.

Farther down the road, they hope in 2017 to add more camps for boys in other areas of Digby County.

The mental health volunteers have also helped with a teen drop in twice a month at Digby Regional High School and they hope over the next few months to expand that to Clare, Weymouth and Digby Neck and Islands.

The DCMHV’s John Rosewell started the successful Seniors in the Club with Digby Area Recreation, a monthly seniors gathering at the Digby Curling Centre with a program of lunch, bingo and cards and occasional guest speakers.

The DCMHV also applied for grants and provided new kitchen appliances at the curling club as well.

Digby Care 25 member Debbie Haight says they are proud and excited to help grow these programs in Digby County.

Digby Care 25 has only two criteria for membership: members have to be female and they have to commit to making a donation of $25 at the quarterly meetings.

On March 6, 40 members attended the meeting at the Digby Curling Centre and voted on where to spend contributions from 78 members.

New this year, so many groups have applied to Digby Care 25, that three or four groups are invited to make a five-minute presentation or pitch before the vote.

On March 6, representatives from the Clean Annapolis River Project, Digby General Hospital Auxiliary and the Digby Clare Mental Health Volunteers (DCMHV) made presentations.

In a little over a year, Digby Care 25 has grown from five women to almost 80 and has distributed a total over $10,000.

In the past year they have helped Jumpstart, TLC animal shelter, the Digby location of Juniper House, the Digby foodbank, Christmas Daddies, the St. Patrick food kitchen and the Digby area Girl Guides.

Graphic designer Bee Stanton also unveiled a logo for the women’s group at the March 6 meeting – the round logo shows two arms cradling the title Digby Care 25.

The group’s next meeting is scheduled for June 5 once again at the Curling Club at 6:30 p.m.