Splitting image - Split coloured lobster caught off Digby Gut

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier jriley@digbycourier.ca
Published on October 17, 2012

A Digby fisherman has hauled in a surprising catch.

Jason Farstad hauled in a split-colour lobster in his last trawl of the day, Wednesday, Oct. 17.

He was fishing about 2 miles off of Digby Gut.

In ten years of fishing, he has caught yellow and blue lobsters before but this was the first split-coloured one.

According to Wikipedia, the chances of catching a split-coloured are one in 50 million. It also suggests that all such lobsters are hermaphrodites; that is they have both male and female sexual organs.

(Richard Gaudet will confirm for us shortly if this lobster is also hermaphroditic.)

Estimates put blue lobsters at one in 2 million; red lobsters (the uncooked kind) at one in 10 million; yellow, orange or calico lobsters at one in 30 million, and albino lobsters at 1 in 100 million.

Waylon Mosher caught a blue lobster with an albino underside last year, Jeffrey Leeman also caught a blue lobster last year and in 2007.