The Mayans were right

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
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Everyone’s been popping Apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow.

Turns out the Mayans were wrong. Or the people reading the Mayan calendar were wrong.

Harldy matters who was wrong, we’re still here.

And this editorial, put off to the last possible minute, has to be written.

You are reading this, if anyone is reading it at all, a couple of days after Christmas, a couple days after the big celebrations, the family gatherings or whatever your Christmas was.

Christmas is certainly different for everyone.  For some families Santa comes before the 24th, in the form of volunteers carrying boxes from Christmas Daddies.

Others might have the means, but not the time to celebrate Christmas—emergency personnel, police, health care workers are just some of the people who have to keep working while others sip Baileys and coffee, their slippered feet on the couch.

Some out there have the time and the means, but not the social network that others take for granted.

And still others in our community, with the time and the means and lots of loving people around them, are dealing with a sudden inexplicable tragedy.

Other are holding their breath waiting for good news, fearing bad news, but unable to celebrate while they wait.

For some in our community it seemed indeed like the world did end, much as predicted.

Truth is the world ends everyday for someone somewhere. The Mayans weren’t wrong.

In fact they have given us a wonderful gift.

The end of the world or lack of it has given everyone something to talk about, to post about on Facebook, and certainly to laugh about.

And what’s more, if it has made us all just a bit more aware of the fragility of our world and lives and our loved ones, then what a great gift to pass on to future generations.

Look around you this week, as the New Year looms, and count the blessings that surround you.

And yessir, please, keep living and loving and laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

Happy New Year.

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