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‘We take swearing seriously:’ Trailer Park Boys talk new movie, upcoming Netflix episodes

Halifax, the Boys want you to find your inner f-ing Swearman.

Pat Roach (from left), Mike Smith, J.P. Tremblay and Robb Wells of Swearnet and the Trailer Park Boys pose for a photo at Bubba Ray's Sports Bar in Halifax on Wednesday.

Swearnet: The Movie opens across Canada this Friday and tells the semi-true story of how Mike Smith, John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells and Pat Roach of the Trailer Park Boys decided to create “the world’s first all-swearing” website after TV networks tried to cut the foul language in the shows they were pitching.

“We take swearing seriously. It’s a serious business to us,” Tremblay (Julian) said as he adjusted his red tie and black suit jacket with the Swearnet logo, the same outfit Wells (Ricky) and Smith were wearing at Bubba Ray’s Sport Bar on Wednesday.

Alongside the fight to keep the f-bombs coming, the movie features Roach as a drunken Swearman, who is very different from his quieter gut-tastic Trailer Park character Randy.

“I like being able to tell everyone to f–k off,” Roach said with a grin.

“You feel relieved after a day of Swearman. You’re not stressed at all.”

“Everyone has an inner Swearman,” Smith (Bubbles) added from across the table. “We gotta launch that as a campaign.”

When the Trailer Park Boys series wrapped a few years ago, Smith said they didn’t feel like they were finished with the Boys although the producers wanted to move on.

Putting on live shows around the world made them realize how devoted their fanbase is, and they “couldn’t let the characters go,” said Tremblay.

After getting the rights to the franchise last year, the Boys began to film Season 8 and 9 on their own in the hopes of launching it on Swearnet when Netflix picked it up, which Wells said gave them a “much better quality project” and global reach.

Smith said they have a lot of fun playing Ricky, Julian and Bubbles so if people want to keep seeing the Boys “we’ll keep making it.” They plan to shoot Seasons 10 and 11 next year.

“I think it’s funny to watch the characters get older and sh–ier. I think it could be like a Coronation Street where 20 years from now you see Ricky, Julian and Bubbles who are in their … late 60s,” Smith said.

“We want to continue shooting until our fans … say ‘Guys, it’s time to shut it down,’” Tremblay said.

The Boys are hosting a tailgate party in the parking lot of the Dartmouth Crossing Cineplex at 5 p.m. Friday.

Pass me the f–ing salt: could carry cooking, news segments

The Trailer Park Boys may be able to curse all they want on Netflix starting with Season 8 on Sept.5, but Mike Smith said they also plan to build into a “real, functioning network.”

Smith (Bubbles) said they would like to carry everything a regular network would have, like cooking shows, sports, news and weather – plus the swearing.

“Wouldn’t you rather watch a home reno show called My House is F–d, than Property Brothers?” Smith said.

“Get the f– out of town, there’s a tornado coming. You could get f–d up,” John Paul Tremblay (Julian) added with a laugh.

Tremblay said they recently bought a 20,000 square-foot building in Burnside that the Swearnet crew is planning to renovate and turn into smaller studios so they can bring in funny people like Tom Green or Norm Macdonald to produce something for the subsciption website.

“As long as the content’s funny we’ll throw it on Swearnet,” said Tremblay.

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