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Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
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Old school photos rejuvenate community spirit

Here’s a fun game. Let’s call it “Who’s that?”

To play you open an old photo album, find an old class photo and see if you can name everyone.

Better yet, get together with a few old classmates and swap memories as you play.

The game is all the rage in Deep Brook, Clementsvale and Clementsport these days.

There they have taken the game one step farther and are actually inviting everyone in the photos to a reunion this July 28—not a class reunion, but a school reunion of every living alumnus and former teacher of the Deep Brook Two-room Schoolhouse.

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“It’s just amazing how the whole community has gotten together,” says Gini Proulx, one of the main instigators. “It’s been a real rejuvenation of community spirit here—everybody’s talking and remembering together—that’s been the biggest outcome of the whole project.”

It all started back in June 2008. Proulx was out collecting for the Relay for Life when she ran into a schoolmate home visiting for the weekend.

“We used to walk about two miles to school,” remembers Proulx with a smile. “And we used to pick up everybody along the way and I just got to thinking wouldn’t it be neat to get together with all the kids we used to walk to school with.”

She convinced her schoolmate to stay an extra day and as she continued collecting that day she ran into more schoolmates—over the weekend they managed to round up 20 alumni who all met that Monday at Proulx’s.

They all brought their class photos and they all played “Who’s that?”.

“We just had a whale of a time,” says Proulx. “And we all said we’ve got to do this again.”

With one thing and another the idea fell to the back burner but last fall Proulx decided to spring into action.

She included an insert with the Clements Historical Society’s 2012 calendar that also featured old class photos.

That insert generated just enough interest that soon a committee was formed to play “Who’s that?” pretty much full time.

Valerie Young Mount, Gladys Fraser, Robert Moore, Joyce Anderson, Maureen Potter, Maxine Connell, Norma Grant and Proulx have so far amassed a database of 280 names and addresses. About 25 per cent or close to 60 of those people are deceased.

They’ve found people in Florida and all across Canada—even one man living off the grid on Vancouver Island in BC.

The committee tracked him down CSI-style until Proulx got him on the phone one day.

“How did you ever find me?” he asked.

One of the biggest helps along the way has been the photos of one E.M. Harris. The wife of a bank manager and mother of two toured the province from the 1930 until 1955 taking school photos at rural schools around the province. She charged the students 10 or 15 cents a photo.

“We didn’t appreciate Harris until we got to 1954,” says Proulx.

For the years after Harris retired, the reunion committee has relied on pure memory and lists scrawled across sheets of paper and lots of post-its.

Still they are expecting to invite about 200 people including spouses and significant others to the one day get-together at the Clementsport Legion this summer.

Proulx says they don’t want to overplan the reunion—they will have copies of all the Harris photos on display with most of the faces identified and they want to leave lots of time for people to just chat and remember. They will also take orders that day for anyone wanting their own copies of the photos.

They are planning a barbecue supper and a jam session for later that evening.

Besides names they are gathering schoolhouse memorabilia for decorations. They have managed to track down the original sign for the Deep Brook School. They hope to use that sign to take some new photos.

If you want to play a little “Who’s that?”, try your mind at the blank names on the photos in the photo gallery below.

To share any information with or to get some from the committee, contact Gini Proulx at: Gini.Proulx@gmail.com .



Where are they?

 The Deep Brook School Reunion committee is still looking for addresses or whereabouts of the following teachers and alumni:

Teachers -

Judy Harrison

Mrs. V.H. DeMing (principal when Miss Shackleton taught in the primary department)

 Students -

Ross - John, Donald, Sue and Marylou

MacNeil  - Georgina, Verna and Roberta

Steele - Gloria, Willetta, Celina, June, Elton, Estelle, Dallis Anne and Hector ‘Joe’

Schofield - Ronnie and Marie

Riddle - Kenneth and Everett

Wagner - Roger, Sheila and Wayne

Titus - Gary and Roy

MacNamara or McNamara - Frank, Gregory and Nancy

Lunn -Priscilla and Zelba

Claudia Bellefontaine

Anita Hurlburt

Connie MacIntyre 

Mary Morse

Vivian LeGresley

Tony  Burns

Brian Byrne

Patsy  Lyons

Claudia Walters

Evelyn Seymore

Florence Mills

Eva Sanford


The class lists below go with the photos in the photogallery...

1938 - 1939 (Both Parts)

 Original Photo:  Mrs. E. M. Harris


BACK ROW:  Paul Jackson, Jack Vroom, Bob Vroom, _______ Walker, Phyllis Vroom, _______ , James Nichols, Ray Moore, Bill Hiltz, Dale Young


MIDDLE ROW:  _______ , Miss Evelyn Mosher (Principal), Miss Alice "Tippy" Henshaw (Teacher), Jean Hiltz, Shirley Vroom, Marjory Jefferson, Edith Henshaw, Nancy MacNamara, Shirley Adams, Anita Ditmars, _______


FRONT ROW:  Marilyn Adams, Mae Purdy, Audrey Young, Ted MacDonald, Donald Jefferson, _______ , _______ , James Vroom, Gerald Jefferson, Edwin "Sonny" Ditmars, _______ , Clyde "Clair" Jefferson


1940 - 1941 (Both Parts)

 Original Photo:  Mrs. E. M. Harris


BACK ROW:  Mrs. Alice "Tippy" (Henshaw) Porter (Teacher), Miss Muriel Mossman (Principal), Marjory Jefferson, Shirley Vroom, Leona Harvey, Ray Moore, Billy Hiltz, Gerald Jefferson


THIRD ROW: Celina Steele, Darrell "Buddy" Henshaw, Doreen Nelson, Gladys Harvey, Kay Patterson, Gloria Steele, Anita Ditmars, Jean Hiltz, Shirley Adams


SECOND ROW:  Dallis Anne Steele, June Steele, Willetta Steele, Iris Hiltz, Marilyn Adams, Evelyn Durland, Phyllis Harvey, Lillian Vroom, Pauline Ditmars, Mae Purdy, Audrey Young, Shelagh Nelson


FRONT ROW:  Elton Steele, Bobby Marsters, Michael Forrestall, Jimmy Vroom, Edwin "Sonny" Ditmars, Clyde "Clair" Jefferson, Harold Sproule, Ronnie Harvey, Donald Jefferson


1941 - 1942 (Big Part)

 Original Photo by Mrs. E. M. Harris


 BACK ROW:  Miss Ellen Sproule (Principal), _______


SECOND ROW:  Marjory Jefferson, Gloria Steele, Jean Hiltz, Doreen Nelson, Willetta Steele, Iris Hiltz, Anita Ditmars, Shirley Adams


FRONT ROW:  Billy Hiltz, Ronnie Harvey, Jack Hill, Jimmy Vroom, Harold Sproule, Ted MacDonald, Edwin "Sonny" Ditmars


1943 - 1944 (Little Part)

 Original Photo by Mrs. E. M. Harris


 BACK ROW:  June Steele, Celina Steele, Anita Hurlburt, Mrs. Lillian (Adams) Henley (Teacher), Evelyn Durland, Lillian Vroom, Charlie Hill, Clyde "Clair" Jefferson, Elton Steele


MIDDLE ROW:  Libby Hill, Marie Schofield, Carolyn Allen, Estelle Steele, Marlene Ditmars, Virginia "Ginny" Adams, Eva Harvey, Erna Nelson, Phyllis Harvey, Pauline Ditmars


FRONT ROW:  Duane Young, Donald Vroom, Leslie Allen, _______, Ronnie Schofield, Richard Nichols, Clare Durland, Murray Ditmars, Edward Purdy


1945 - 1946 (Big Part)

 Original Photo by Mrs. E. M. Harris


 BACK ROW:  Gladys Harvey, Marilyn Adams, Iris Hiltz, Jean Hiltz, Shirley Adams, Miss Dorothy Thorne (Principal), Evelyn Seymour, Rita Woods, Vera Sitland, ____ Steele?


SECOND ROW:  Pauline Ditmars, Evelyn Durland, Florence Mills, Phyllis Harvey, June Milner, Lillian Vroom, Midge Rhodes, _______, June Steele?, _______, Mae Purdy


FRONT ROW:  Harold Sproule, Bobby Marsters, Roy Rhodes, Ray Sitland, Elton Steele?, Billy Woods, Edwin Ditmars, Jack Hill, George Rhodes


1950 - 1951 (Big Part)

 Original Photo:  Mrs. E. M. Harris


 BACK ROW:  Richard Nichols, Bruce Vroom, Alden King, Mr. William Goucher (Principal), Bev Howard, Edward Purdy, Merlyn Bacon


MIDDLE ROW: Kenny Berry, Murray Ditmars, Virginia "Ginny" Adams, Jane Sitland, Dalton Peck, Aubrey Cobham


FRONT ROW:  Norma Sitland, Betty Long, Velma Bacon, Jean Harvey, Valerie Young


1950 - 1951 (Little Part)

 Original Photo:  Mrs. E. M. Harris


 BACK ROW:  Lawrence "Nippy" Jefferson, Paula Moore, Leonard Harvey, Mrs. Mildred (Adams) Rawding (Teacher), Sharon Foster, Murray Long, Winston Wells


THIRD ROW: Sandra "Sandy" Adams, Rose Wright, Florence Purdy, Joyce Harvey, Marie Vroom, Dolores Peck, Linda Adams, Carol Wells


SECOND ROW:  Inez Dalton, Faye Adams, Susan Vidito, Pamela Peck, _____ , Angela Skidmore, Barbara DeAdder, Eileen Vroom, Elaine Dalton, Diane Ditmars, Anne Vidito


FRONT ROW:  Wayne Auby, Roscoe Wright, _______, Allister Hirtle, Bobby Pettipas, Carroll Vroom, Stearnes Henshaw, Gerald Foster



1952 - 1953 (Little Part)

 Original Photo by Mrs. E. M. Harris


 BACK ROW:  Cecil Dakin, Roscoe Wright, Wayne Auby, _______, Dickie Moore, Bobby Pettipas, _______


THIRD ROW:  Faye Adams, Angela Skidmore, Janet Johnstone, Miss Myrtle Poole (Teacher), Barbara DeAdder, Judy Long


SECOND ROW:  Cheryl Peters, Eileen Vroom, Carol Robar, Betty Baxter, Maureen Potter, Lois Vroom, Margie Vidito


FRONT ROW:  Allister Hirtle, Bobby Moore, Gerald Wright, Blaine Henshaw, Vernon Dakin, _______, Brian Byrne



1953 - 1954 (Big Part)

 Original Photo by Mrs. E. M. Harris


 BACK ROW:  Carol Wells, Joyce Harvey, Marie Vroom, Mrs. Shirley (Adams) Burrell (Acting Principal), Norma Sitland, Betty Long, Paula Moore, Anne Vidito, Janette DeCeoli


SECOND ROW:  Angela Skidmore, Sandy Adams, Barbara DeAdder, Susan Vidito, Eileen Vroom, Rose Wright, Florence Purdy, Judy DeCeoli, Faye Adams


FRONT ROW:  Murray Long, Leonard Harvey, Bobby Pettipas, Gerald Foster, Winston Wells, Roscoe Wright

Organizations: Clements Historical Society, BC.The committee, Deep Brook School

Geographic location: Deep Brook, Florida, Canada Vancouver Island

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